A chatbot more popular than an influencer? Impossible!

Yet, ChatGPT exceeded a million users in just 5 days, faster than Netflix, Twitter, and Facebook 🚀.

This chatbot is successful in the social media landscape because it answers all your questions, and more importantly, because it’s CREATIVE!

You can awaken the artist within by asking it to write a poem, a song, or a story.

But this artificial intelligence isn’t just a future artist; this chatbot is also savvy in social media and is a true digital marketing tool: a powerful tool.

TikTok ,X, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest – it’s not scared of them 😉

So why not use it for your social media strategies?

Discover in this article 24 prompts to use ChatGPT for your social media! ⬇️

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What exactly is ChatGPT?

Let’s dive in:

ChatGPT: a digital game-changer in answering queries 😎

ChatGPT stands out as an AI-powered program trained on a vast array of texts to independently generate responses. Its proficiency spans across numerous domains such as science, technology, history, geography, hobbies, and literature.

 In the realm of digital marketing, it’s an ace in social media, SEO, and SEM, showcasing a depth of knowledge akin to a champion in trivia games.

Context-aware conversationalist 🧠

Model isn’t just about spitting out answers; it’s designed by Open-AI to understand the flow of a conversation, much like chatting with a digital buddy. It picks up on previous questions to offer contextually relevant responses.

Polyglot AI: french and beyond 🌏

Standout feature of ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is its multilingual capabilities. Unlike many AI tools limited to English, ChatGPT fluently speaks 10 languages, including French. This makes it a versatile tool for content creation without the hassle of translating everything.

Innovative content creation ⭐

ChatGPT goes beyond just responding to requests. It leverages language prediction techniques to craft creative and unique responses.

 This innovation in digital marketing automation saves time while allowing for the continued development of creative strategies. It’s designed to inspire rather than replicate, ensuring 0% duplicated content when checked against tools like Duplichecker.

How does ChatGPT work?

Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Create a Free AccountSign up on OpenAI’s platform at no cost.
  2. Log In: Access your new OpenAI account.
  3. Start a New Chat: Click on “New Chat” to begin.
  4. Engage in Conversation: Use the chat bar to ask ChatGPT anything you want.

Think of it as your new search engine, streamlining information access without even needing to click a link. Watch out, Google might just get a bit envious 😇!

Why use ChatGPT for managing your social media?

  1. Automated content creation: Train ChatGPT to match your brand’s voice and communication style while helping you to find fresh ideas. It’s great for effortlessly generating posts, tweets, and ads for social media, ensuring high-quality content with minimal time investment ⏰. You will save time for other tasks
  2. Community management: Utilize ChatGPT to automate and personalize responses to messages and comments on social media platforms, enhancing engagement and quality of interaction
  3. Data analysis: ChatGPT can analyze social media data, including brand mentions, hashtag trends, and conversation patterns. This AI tool aids businesses in better understanding customers and their target audience and refining their content strategy accordingly

Christophe Boixader, a Social Media Strategist at FRANK, shares his experience:

ChatGPT is incredible for saving time on generating post ideas and drafting publications. Though it may need refining, it’s a significant help.

For social media managers interested in mastering AI, courses with experts are available for enrollment. Don’t hesitate ton contact us if you want to enroll for a ChatGPT class. 

In essence, ChatGPT serves as a versatile tool in social media management, streamlining content creation, enhancing community engagement, and providing insightful data analysis to tailor your digital marketing strategies

24 ways to use ChatGPT for your social media (with prompt examples)

This AI will become your best assistant for social media. But what can you ask it to help you with?

Here are 24 ideas to inspire you with effective ChatGPT prompts ⬇️ 

If these ideas aren’t enough, we also offer a complete ChatGPT training! Contact-us if you want to be at our next ChatGPT training 😎.

1) Write automated content for social media posts

Okay, I really want to make an Instagram post for my contest, but I’m short on ideas.

What if I asked my ChatGPT social media assistant?

Let’s try this prompt:

Hello ChatGPT, you are an expert in social media content working for my company Ketchup makeup. Write me an Instagram post for a contest to win an organic ketchup makeup kit. Include 4 emojis and the keyword “crazy ketchup“. 

Does ChatGPT allow for writing content on various social media platforms?

The tool can create content for Facebook posts, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn updates, and Pinterest. You just need to provide the necessary information and the desired tone to craft a post suited for the targeted social media platform.

You can even create a X thread with the chatbot 🤩

Let’s show you how:

Make me a thread of 3 tweets (now X) about best practices for a successful tweet in Canada.

Doesn’t the tone seem friendly enough to you?

Make the text more engaging and use emojis.

Ah, that’s much better 😍 

2) Find the right hashtags is strategic for social media campaigns

ChatGPT suggested some in the previous example, but you can also specifically ask it for hashtag ideas for your campaigns.

Okay ChatGPT, you are a pro of Instagram trends, give me 5 hashtags for an advertising campaign about sugar shacks:

The sugar season has nothing on this! 🌟

3) Write a script for a social media video

Video marketing is all the rage on social media, especially with the success of platforms like TikTok! To create a relevant marketing video for your followers, it’s crucial to draft a script for the content you want to film 📹.

But where to start? With ChatGPT!

For instance, the chatbot can write a script for a video featuring a partnership with an influencer.

Let’s try this prompt

You are expert in YouTube videos and specialist in social media content. Write me a script for a 5-minute YouTube video for an influencer looking to promote a blueberry juice

Here’s a snippet from the script:

💡 You can also improve the script by giving details about your audience. 

4) Find social media strategy ideas

Are you an entrepreneur seeking ideas to make an impact on LinkedIn or for your business TikTok account?

ChatGPT can suggest content creation topics or groups to join for success your target audience!

Here is a prompt example: 

You are a LinkedIn expert. You are currently working for my transport company GoodTruck. Find me a unique strategy to grab attention on LinkedIn and find new partners. My target audience is food companies looking for trustworthy transport companies looking to transport their products.

 Here is the response of ChatGPT to this prompt:

💡 If you would like personalized support for your social media strategy, contact our teams here.

5) Suggest post ideas

The secret to success on social media is consistency, POST, POST, POST.

Okay, we get it, but it’s easier said than done on a daily basis when you have to post every day. 

Alright, ChatGPT, come to my rescue with creative ideas!

You are a famous social media manager working for my soap brand Flowers. Give me 2 ideas for TikToks for my soap brand 🧼 I want them to go viral. My target audience is young adults willing to having refreshing showers with a lot of bubbles.

You can also ask ChatGPT to know what is the best type of content according to your audience! 

6) Find creative ideas for events for publications

When drafting your editorial calendar, you often try to align your posts with the events of the year. However, it can be time-consuming to search for things like the World Pangolin Day or Poetry Day.

Save time with AI:

Give me a list of global days in March and April that are relevant for a cheese shop 🧀. 

7) Suggest a social media advertising campaign strategy

While we already know that ChatGPT excels at crafting blog articles, LinkedIn posts, and optimized headlines, it also serves as your assistant for social media advertising campaigns.

Are you launching a Facebook Ads campaign for Cirque du Soleil? Do you want to avoid spending hours deciding what to include in the campaign?

Try this ChatGPT prompt:

Cirque du Soleil is a premium circus in Quebec offering unforgettable experiences. Develop a Facebook advertising campaign strategy to promote this brand by providing the text, format, targeting, optimization, budget, and other details. Give me the ideas in a table with text, ad format and target audience:

💡 Ready to launch your campaign, but you need help to optimize it? Our paid social agency in Montreal is here to help you! 

8) Write optimized title and descriptions for an existing post

Has your content performed well and you’re considering sponsoring it? That works too.

You are a LinkedIn expert and a LinkedIn Ads Content writer. You work for my digital marketing agency in Montreal, Digitad. Create 2 LinkedIn ads with the title and description to promote this post in a table format:

“ChatGPT here, ChatGPT there… undeniably the star of this early year ✨

And for good reasons, in marketing, it can be a formidable ally by saving you time!

How? 🧐

We provide you, not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5… we can go on like this for a while, as it’s 20 ways to use ChatGPT in SEO that we’re sharing with you (yes, we’re kind like that 😇)

Do you have others?

Share your best practices in the comments 💬”

9) Find influencers

Do you need help with your influencer marketing strategy and want to find a list of influencers in your business niche?

No need to spend hours exploring social networks in search of the hidden gem! 🔎

Find me three influencers in the travel domain in the US

10) Generate social media captions for your pictures

 ChatGPT can help you to have more influence in the social media game. 


By creating captions directly from the picture you want to post. If you have ChatGPT-4, you can updaload an image and ask ChatGPT to caption it with your criterias. 

Here is the prompt that we used ⬇️

11) Write an optimized biography

We don’t have many characters to fit all this information. The key is to have an optimized biography that makes people want to subscribe 😉.

Write a biography for a funny cactus Instagram account in 150 characters with emojis.

12) Engage in storytelling

A story, captivating an audience… it’s possible with a chatbot.


  • Target audience
  • Theme
  • Desired character count

Captivate my audience of young parents with a 500-character story about my product: animal plush toys (caribou, marmot, whale) made in Canada.

13) Respond to your comments

Community management also involves the ability to respond to your followers comments. ChatGPT can help you find relevant and personalized responses on your social media.

Respond to this customer comment on Facebook: ‘I haven’t received my plush toy, I’m very frustrated, and I can’t reach you by email.

You can also use ChatGPT to respond to your private messages. All in all it can help you to generate engaging responses and improve the customer experience of your compagy. You can create a constructive response 

14) Find a scenario for an Instagram story

We’re sticking with the stuffed animals theme🐻🐳. I want to create engaging stories to captivate my community, but I’m not sure how to go beyond just a photo of a stuffed animal. Let’s ask AI some content ideas! 

You are a social media manager. You want to attract new social media followers on Instagram. Find me 3 Instagram story topics for my business in a table format.

Here is the AI-generated content that you will be able to add to you social media calendar:

15) Create content for an infographic

Infographics work well when posting B2B content on platforms like LinkedIn. However, to generate engagement around your post, you’ll need to find a relevant statistic for your followers.

ChatGPT can help you find figures for your infographics:

Act like an expert in data marketing. Find me 5 statistics on the evolution of the automotive industry in the world with sources.

16) Create a social media calendar

The social media calendar → it’s very practical for organizing your posts on social media and even more practical when asking ChatGPT!

You have the topic, it’s your turn to play with this prompt! 😃

You are a social media expert, create an Instagram posting schedule for the month of March for my oraganic candy business in Montreal. Make me a table with the post caption and the visual.

17) Find the title for your next YouTube video

Every day, YouTube users watch 1 billion hours of videos. How to stand out in the midst of all these videos? The title plays a significant role (along with the thumbnail) in convincing people to click.

You are a YouTube expert and a food lover. Find me 5 catchy video titles on YouTube about the benefits of chocolate 🍫

18) Find photography tips

Social media isn’t just about text. ChatGPT can help you with your videos and also for creating high-quality photo shoots 📸.

You are a famous Pinterest expert in Canada. Give me 3 tips for taking photos of Christmas sweaters for Pinterest.

Ho ho ho! Here’s a list of 3 tips to inspire you ⬇️

💡 If you’re looking for a photo studio in Quebec, we can help: call us and let’s discuss your project.

19) Audience segmentation

Who to target for a TikTok advertising campaign for glittery snow boots?

Just ask with a prompt 😉

You are a social media expert. Give me the ideal targeting for an advertisement on TikTok for glittery snow boots.

Here is a part of the answer from ChatGPT: 

Certainly, you can specify the region in which you want to operate and provide more detailed information to enhance your targeting 😎.

20) Generate images 

With Dall-E that has been recently added to ChatGPT-4, you can create unique images for social media (without a shooting).

The results are not always realistic, so we advise you to use it mainly for illustrations. 

As an artist specializing in manga-style illustrations, could you please create a portrait of a girl in a Canadian setting?

That’s what ChatGPT designed (with Dall-E)

21) Find competitors

It’s not spying, it’s inspiration 💡 Observing the accounts of your successful competitors allows you to see what works to better distinguish yourself!

Hey ChatGPT, what are the most successful companies in Canada in video game industry

Here is an excerpt from the AI’s response:

22) Repurpose social media content across platforms

You have a nice blog post, it took you hours to write it and you would like to use it to create a story on Instagram, a short resume on Threads, a LinkedIn post … 

ChatGPT helps you to easily repurpose your content. How? You just need to ask: 

Prompt: “You are an expert in LinkedIn strategies can you make a short LinkedIn post about this article?:

What to post on LinkedIn? 26 LinkedIn post examples

23) Answer all your questions about social networks

How does LinkedIn’s algorithm work? How often should you post on Instagram each week? How to become an influencer?

ChatGPT is a valuable database to address your social media expert questions:

How does TikTok’s algorithm work in 50 words?

24) Finally, allow you to be funny

This tip is debatable 🤣 But it’s true that ChatGPT can help you create highly appreciated humorous content on social media.

However, the AI’s sense of humor can be a bit perplexing.

Find me a funny pun to start a Facebook post about sharks 🦈

The limits of ChatGPT to consider before asking it to be your community manager

The textual content that has fed the Chatbot stops at 2021. The chatbot cannot provide recent information. The best time to post on Facebook in 2024, trending music in Reels, it doesn’t know, SNIFF 😭.

Too bad because these instant networks are constantly evolving. Perhaps an update of ChatGPT-3 will allow it to receive new information? We keep our fingers crossed for it to happen quickly! 🤞

On ChatGPT-4 (the paid version), it is linked with Bing so you have more updates. You can also put links from the internet or from social media platforms. ChatGPT is still not up to date with the latest TikTok trends but its way better that ChatGPT-3.

It’s a bit under pressure right now

If, like us, you’ve played around with this tool, you might find yourself stuck by artificial intelligence.

The success of this AI has created an overload of demand of all kinds, sometimes making the site inaccessible for hours.

Please, if you use ChatGPT to find out the color of your lime, give us some space 🙏🙏🙏

These texts are nice but not perfect

ChatGPT’s writing style needs improvement. It’s not horrible, but there are some small things to enhance to make a mark on the web 🕸️

You still need a human touch. Even if ChatGPT is able to find content ideas, create personalized content, and add keywords to your texts, if you want a successful online presence on social media platforms, you still need your tone of voice.

Ethical implications

Be careful not to give ChatGPT all your private information:

  • client pain: OK
  • client personal information: NO!

Keep your secrets private to protect your data. 

It’s not always right

AI can make mistakes too. Relying 100% on ChatGPT to launch a social media campaign is risky.

For example, we asked about video game influencers in Canada and the first advice of ChatGPT was Squeezie that has 18 millions subscribers.

→ FALSE ❌ Squeezie is a French influencer

The age of the content submitted to it, the writing style, as well as the proposed strategy, may not be relevant to your target. Stay alert 👀

The tool admits it itself:

“It is important to emphasize that using ChatGPT to manage social networks should be done with caution, and it is recommended to have the generated responses checked to avoid any misunderstanding or inappropriate content.”

ChatGPT, your new assistant or community manager?

To succeed in 2024, social media marketers need to use ChatGPT! 

Humans are still necessary to create a coherent social media strategy and review the texts a bit 😉. OpenAI’s idea in creating ChatGPT is to benefit humanity with AI.

ChatGPT helps you, but doesn’t replace you!

It is essential for businesses and brands to adapt to the arrival of this new artificial intelligence to remain competitive. The idea is to integrate AI into your creation processes to save time and be more efficient!

ChatGPT says it itself in this LinkedIn post:

Using ChatGPT in your social media strategy offers many opportunities for your business (at least 24 😍). So why not start using ChatGPT for your social media today?

Entrust your social media strategy to our experts

Our teams will be delighted to accompany you in managing your communities and advertising campaigns on social networks. We will be happy to offer you tailor-made support to accelerate the growth of your business!

Contact-us to learn more.

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