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What is a digital marketing strategy?

When you plan a trip, you probably first come up with an itinerary to make the most of your time and budget. Well, it’s the same in marketing strategy!

A digital marketing strategy is a plan that helps your company (whether you are a small/medium-sized enterprise or a large corporation) meet specific objectives through carefully selected marketing channels.

Running a digital marketing campaign without having a set strategy is a bit like exploring a new city without Google Maps. You are likely to make many wrong turns, resulting in both frustration and an unnecessarily long route to get to where you want.


Our areas of expertise in digital strategy

Our Digital Marketing Agency in Montreal covers a rich and high-performance digital ecosystem which offers you a 360° solution and accelerates your growth objectives:

Organic Search (SEO)

Our team of organic search (SEO) experts develop strategies to comprehensively optimize all factors considered by search engines like Google and Bing to rank websites.

Our SEO strategy is based on 3 pillars:

  • Optimization of the website’s content (on-site SEO)
  • Optimization of the website’s external link network (off-site SEO)
  • Technical optimization of the website

Paid Search (SEM)

Our paid search agency generates remarkable results thanks to the advanced technical knowledge of our experts, certified in Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Amazon Ads.

To develop a robust and effective online advertising strategy is to:

  • Get the most out of your campaign budget
  • Adjust actions based on real-time results
  • Refine targeting to increase conversion rate

Social Media Advertising

Posting on social media is a start, but differentiating your campaigns from your competitors with social media advertising is even better! Our experts select the best-performing channels based on your industry, your target audience, and your development objectives. We create customized strategies that capture the unique essence of each of our clients.

Social Media Management

No one questions the power of a community that actively engages with a brand. By investing in social media, you can create a lasting impact on your brand’s reputation and revenue potential.

Our social media management agency handles all aspects of your social media presence. It develops a content-production calendar aligned with your audience’s expectations. Find new customers, build loyalty, and increase your revenue thanks to an effective customized social media strategy.

Website development and redesign

When you search for a product or service, is looking online the first thing you do? Yes? Over 80% of Canadians do the same!

Our experts in website development and redesign understand the crucial role a website plays in your business success. A website that reflects your brand image, converts, and is optimized for search engines accelerates your growth to a whole new level.

Data & Analytics

We leverage science and data to build your digital marketing strategy. Our digital strategy agency conducts a thorough analysis of your market and your existing marketing efforts to identify key strategic pillars and provide actionable recommendations.

Our specialists meet your objectives

Hiring our agency as a digital marketing consultant helped our clients find answers to the following questions:

  • Which marketing channels are best suited to my development objectives?
  • How can my marketing budget be optimized?
  • How can my marketing efforts increase engagement and conversion?
  • What are the needs of my target audience? How do my offerings meet them?
  • How does my brand’s positioning compare to that of my competitors?

Digitad supports you throughout your digital development, with a proven methodology that has exceeded expectations for the 800+ clients we have had the privilege to serve since 2015.

Our customized online marketing strategy is based on 4 fundamental steps.

  • Define your business strategy
  • Build an optimized online presence
  • Generate and convert qualified traffic
  • Analyze results and adapt the strategy accordingly

Leave your digital marketing strategy to us

By choosing Digitad as a growth partner for your online strategy, you will benefit from an agency that:


Adapted strategy

Will understand the unique aspects of your business and industry, and create a strategy fully in line with your target market and your offerings.

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Robust work methodology

Will design your online marketing strategy from A to Z thanks to a solid work methodology established by our expert digital marketing consultants.

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Continuous monitoring

Will operate with transparency. We give you access to our management tool, so you can monitor our progress. We believe in building business relationships founded on trust and transparency.

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Approachable and available

Will be approachable, responsive, and always available to answer all of your questions, like how to fix bad Google reviews, help you develop a path toward growth, and achieve your business goals.

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No commitment required

Will make signing a contract optional. If you are not satisfied with the results, you are free to end your collaboration with Digitad. We will instantly return all your intellectual property to you.

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Want to boost your business on the web?

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A few questions our digital marketing consultants are often asked

Working with an agency like Digitad puts your strategy in the hands of digital marketing consultants whose experience and toolset can supercharge your growth. Our certified digital marketing strategists help you make the right decisions and manage your marketing, freeing up your time to focus on business development.

Our Digital marketing agency offers a complete range of complimentary services: organic search (SEO), paid search (SEM), social advertising, display/programmatic advertising, marketing data analytics, social media management, content writing, graphic design, website development and redesign.

A profitable digital marketing strategy rests on two fundamental pillars: a thorough analysis and understanding of your business and industry, and continuous optimization of marketing channels based on real-time results.

Virtually any industry and any business! A digital marketing consultant’s toolkit is extremely versatile. No matter the size and budget, companies can find a channel to improve their online presence and grow their business.

We recommend looking for evidence of success and expertise in a wide range of digital marketing channels. At the level of tactical implementation, you could afford to work with an agency that specializes in a single channel (for example, SEM only). At the level of strategic planning, your agency should have an extensive toolkit (for example SEO, SEM, Display/programmatic, email marketing, data analytics, website development, and more). This way, your agency can build a strategic solution tailored to your needs, that leverages all the appropriate channels and the synergies between them.

Digital marketing tools are very versatile, and many of them can be leveraged to great effect despite a small budget. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from working with a digital marketing strategist. But here’s the best way to find out whether or not it’s the right move for you: reach out and we will discuss your project!

Digital marketing is a vast field that encompasses a broad range of tools and methods. Sorting out these options and knowing where to start can be a paralyzing challenge for many businesses. A great way to solve the puzzle is to work with a digital marketing consultant who can design an effective and immediately actionable plan.

It varies. Our Montreal Digital strategy agency offers continuous results through analysis and optimization, meaning some of our clients choose to work with us on a long-term basis. However, if you seek short-term help to design a strategy, get started, and then fly on your own, we can help you with that as well! We do not request a signed contract from our clients, you can freely determine the duration of our work together.

Compared to most forms of traditional marketing, results in digital marketing are much more measurable. There are many metrics to track: traffic, engagement, click-through rates, lead generation, conversions, etc. You will have a clear understanding of our performance and the results we bring. Whether or not our collaboration is worth your money will make itself clear.

Our digital marketing consultants can help you do just that. Our certified experts undergo continuing training and track all new trends and innovations.

We can help your business adapt to an ever-changing digital landscape.

This being said, we also help you see through the noise and hype. Many businesses and marketers spend a lot of time trying to predict what is the next big thing. Very often, these predictions do not materialize and precious time and resources are spent on ideas that seemed promising but never took off.

All in all, we help you ground your strategy in tried-and-true methods that guarantee quantifiable results.

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