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49% of businesses do not have a well-defined online marketing strategy (Smart Insights study, 2021).

Yet, a proper digital marketing strategy helps you stay competitive by stimulating your company’s reach, online visibility, and user engagement. All of these contribute to an increased return on investment! (it would be a shame to miss out 😉)

Develop your digital marketing skills

Our online marketing courses help you develop all the skills you need!

Our goal? Teach you how to leverage all available channels to create a high-performing internet marketing strategy 🚀

Manage digital marketing autonomously

Whether you’re new to web marketing or looking to refine your expertise in a specific area, our digital marketing courses in Montreal may be just what you need!

Our Internet marketing courses are based on real-life case studies, and provide you with hands-on learning, allowing you to be fully operational by the end of your training. By the completion of the courses, you will have what it takes to do the work of a whole marketing team and handle your enterprise’s online marketing yourself from start to finish.

Learn from our experts to master digital marketing


To offer you the best possible learning experience, our Digital Marketing Agency partners with the training center La Fusée.

La Fusée is a training center that specializes in digital marketing. The courses we offer together with La Fusée are taught by certified digital marketing experts and ensure you develop advanced skills.

Thorough and customized training in digital marketing


Sitting through 6 hours of PowerPoint presentations isn’t very fun, nor is it the most effective way to learn. That’s why our courses are taught with small groups, of a maximum of 10 participants. We make sure you can interact with the instructor 😄!

Participants get personalized suggestions based on their enterprise’s or website’s specific situations. Everyone receives customized training adapted to their needs.

Hands-on workshops

Our courses are practical right from the start. Participants immediately start applying the concepts and methods we discuss.

Most class hours are spent on hands-on workshops to learn marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, or Google Search Console. We teach you the most important tools and best practices in digital marketing and show you how to use them on a daily basis through practical examples.

Online or on-campus digital marketing training

Our courses are online or in-person on La Fusée’s campus in Montreal’s Mile End neighborhood.

We make your course experience fun, with breakfast and lunch in our modern and vibrant facilities. An opportunity to share and network with your peers!

8 Internet marketing courses available in Quebec


We offer eight internet marketing courses leading to certifications! This should please all of you curious people who want to discover new areas of digital marketing or develop new skills 😉

Here are the different types of training in digital marketing offered:

1) Digital Strategy Course

A beginner-friendly course to become an online strategy expert. With our digital strategy course, you will learn to analyze your clients’ behavior on the internet and discover the best way to reach them.

Learn to spot opportunities in your industry and take marketing actions that increase your online revenue!

2) Social Media Course

Do you want to take advantage of social media? Learn everything about community management with our social media course.

Our social media online course covers all social media platforms and helps you identify the specific advantage each of them can bring to your business. Learn to establish a profitable social media communication strategy that creates a loyal and engaged community.

3) SEO Course

Learn to understand and analyze the inner workings of search engines and their algorithms. Master all the fundamentals of search engine optimization. This SEO course teaches you to create an effective SEO strategy based on market and keyword research that allows you to understand your industry and your clients.

Discover SEO actions to perform both on your website and outside of your website to improve your Google rankings!

4) Google Ads Course

Learn to use Google Ads and understand its strategic impact on client acquisition.

Create and set up your Google Ads account and learn to use its most important functions. Conduct keyword research to create and launch your first Google advertising campaign and reach the very top of the search results page!

Master search engine marketing with our Google Ads course!

5) Content Writing Course

Discover the power of online content writing and its positive impact on your website’s performance. Master how to create a content strategy, select relevant keywords, and write content that is optimized for organic search.

By the end of this course, you will know how to improve your online visibility through writing 👀.

6) Google Analytics Course

Google Analytics will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Set up Google Analytics for your website. Discover all key performance indicators to track. Create a tagging strategy to measure your website’s results independently!

Learn to create customized reports to analyse your results and increase profitability.

7) Email Marketing Course

Can you acquire clients with a newsletter?

Of course! Email marketing is a great way to reach your potential customers and convert them. Learn to design email campaigns that expand your database and deliver impactful content! Discover the best tools for effective newsletter content creation.

8) WordPress Course

Learn to manage your website autonomously with this powerful CMS! This course will teach you how to use WordPress and search engine optimization basics to create and program optimized content.

Become a digital marketing expert in Quebec!

By the end of our digital marketing courses, you will know how to:

  • Create a relevant strategy for your company’s digital marketing
  • Implement online marketing actions that are targeted and effective
  • Measure and optimize your actions’ performance
  • Acquire new clients and increase your revenue online

At the end of each course, our instructors will give you access to all documents and tools used in class. This facilitates your transition between training and real-world application of your new skills.

A comparison of all digital marketing courses we offer in Montreal

Digital Marketing Course Objective Course Level Cost Duration
Digital Strategy Course Build an optimized online presence All levels $590 per person 6 hours
Social Media Course Create an engaged community on FB, Instagram, and LinkedIn All levels $590 per person 6 hours
SEO Course Optimize your website to appear at the top of search results Beginner or Advanced $590 per person 6 hours
Google Ads Course Create Google Ads campaigns to generate affordable visibility Beginner or Advanced $590 per person 6 hours
Content Writing Course Write content that ranks on search engines and converts users All levels $590 per person 6 hours
Google Analytics Course Analyze your data to improve website performance Beginner or Advanced $590 per person ($340 per person for GA4 course) 6 hours (3 hours for GA4 course)
Email Marketing Course Establish a newsletter strategy to boost sales All levels $590 per person 6 hours
WordPress Course Master WordPress to manage your website autonomously Beginner $590 per person 6 hours

Participants review our training in digital marketing

98% of clients are satisfied with our courses!

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Master all areas of internet marketing to develop high-performing strategies. Social media marketing, SEO, Google tools: choose between our eight courses to discover a new area of marketing or sharpen your digital marketing skills.

Plan your internet marketing training today with La Fusée’s certified trainers. Our team is always available to answer all your questions and help you become a digital marketing pro!

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Want to boost your business on the web?

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Why should I take an internet marketing course?

A digital marketing course helps you understand crucial aspects of online marketing.

Our courses teach you to:

  • Master online communication tools and techniques
  • Understand the specificities of all digital platforms
  • Create an effective strategy to reach your marketing objectives

Courses offered with our partner La Fusée include:

  • Access to a customized learning portal
  • Training support
  • Networking opportunities between instructors and participants
  • A knowledge test
  • A La Fusée certification if the knowledge test is successful!

There are many reasons to choose our courses!

  • La Fusée is the only accredited training organization 100% specialized in digital technologies
  • Our instructors are certified in digital marketing and are recognized industry experts
  • Our course content is accessible, well-structured, and updated 4 times/year
  • Our customized learning portal includes many resources (content, instructor’s contact details, quiz)
  • Clients are satisfied over 98% of the time!

Our courses are designed for all professionals who want to improve their online visibility and results:

  • Freelancers
  • Communication and marketing professionals
  • Entrepreneurs

Learning digital marketing is essential to succeed in the online world.

Consumers spend more and more time online (6 hours a day in Canada). It is now critical to understand how to communicate with this audience through social media, search engines, and other online channels.

Our courses help you master all essential digital marketing channels:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Online advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media management

There are several learning methods.

  • Online courses, for example, the ones offered by La Fusée, are increasingly popular and can be completed in a single day
  • Books and specialized blogs are also great sources of knowledge

We offer the following course options:

  • Digital Strategy Course
  • Social Media Course
  • SEO Course (search engine optimization)
  • Google Ads Course (search engine marketing)
  • Email Marketing Course
  • Content Writing Course
  • WordPress Course

Here are the main benefits of our courses compared to self-learning:

  • A well-structured course
  • Industry experts as instructors
  • Earn a certification upon completion

Our training provides a well-structured curriculum to learn the essential online marketing techniques.

Our instructors are recognized experts in their fields, who work with clients on a daily basis. Drawing from their years of experience, they are uniquely qualified to help you succeed.

Upon successfully completing our courses, you will receive a recognized certification that can enhance your employability and career opportunities.

Yes, our internet marketing courses can be completed 100% online, thanks to remote classes.

Yes, La Fusée delivers recognized certifications upon successful completion of its courses.

To choose a digital marketing course, you must first define your needs and objectives.

Here are a few criteria to consider when choosing the course that’s right for you:

  • Course level: beginner or advanced
  • Course subject: different areas of digital marketing (SEO, paid digital advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, etc.)
  • Course duration: some courses are short (La Fusée offers 1-day courses) while some can last a few months
  • Course delivery format: online on in-person
  • Course price: La Fusée is an accredited training organization whose courses are eligible for government funding
  • Professional recognition: determine whether the course delivers certifications that are recognized in the field (Digitad and La Fusée are established institutions in the world of digital marketing and our certifications are widely recognized)

Web marketing is a key sector of the digital economy. Companies actively seek digital marketing skills.

Internet marketing training with La Fusée can be a game-changer for your career. Here are a few reasons:

  • Acquisition of key skills: for example: SEO, digital advertising tools, digital content marketing, or social media marketing
  • Professional recognition: our courses deliver industry-recognized certifications that employers value
  • Career evolution: Digital skills in marketing are highly sought after, our courses can help you access high-responsibility positions
  • Entrepreneurship: our courses can greatly benefit entrepreneurs seeking to launch their business online. They give you all the necessary tools to build your online presence!

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