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Did you know that 9 consumers out of 10 buy from a brand they follow on social media?

This figure says something about the potential impact of working with a social media specialist to enhance your brand’s online presence 🚀!

Our social media specialists can integrate your brand into your audience’s daily lives and drive sustained profitability through effective social platform management

At our Montreal Web Marketing Agency, we craft high-quality, relevant content that speaks directly to your target audience’s needs. This approach can help you attract new customers and foster long-term loyalty.

What is a social media manager?

A social media manager handles the daily activities and development of social media platforms for a company.

The social media manager’s actions are guided by a strategic plan that is developed following a social media audit.

He is ideally positioned to measure and analyze your brand’s performance across different social media platforms.

Social media managers also play a central role in monitoring and adjusting your social media marketing strategy.

Why is social media management essential?

By managing social media for you, our social media experts help you find answers to the following questions:

  • How can I be active on social media without neglecting my main responsibilities?
  • On what social network should my brand focus?
  • What kind of content should my company post on social media, and when is the best time to post?
  • How can I establish a presence on several social networks at the same time?
  • What should my company expect from its social media presence?
  • How can social media help me achieve my business goals?
  • How to get verified on Instagram?

Why should I work with a social media marketing agency in Montreal?


Here are the 4 main reasons to work with our social media marketing consultants in Montreal:

Save valuable time

Managing social media requires ongoing time and effort in the long term.

Understandably, growing enterprises would rather invest their time in operations management.

Trying to manage different platforms simultaneously can be challenging and costly, which is where the value in outsourcing the load to a social media manager lies.

The management of different platforms simultaneously can be a trying affair, not to mention costly, and emphasizes the value of outsourcing the load to a social media manager.

We handle the entire social media management process

Our Montreal social media agency covers all aspects of your social media presence.

Having our social media agency as a unique point of contact for implementing your strategy will make your life easier.

A social media manager is your day-to-day partner. He will manage your company’s social media and let you monitor his actions in real time.

Design trend-savvy social media strategies

Our social media specialists are strategic planning experts, and they continuously monitor the two following things:

  • What are the latest trends on social media?
  • What are your competitors doing?

Our proactive approach ensures that your company creates relevant content aligned with your audience’s current needs.

Turn your followers into clients

In the long run, an engaged and loyal community is a competitive advantage that adds significant value to your business.

Your followers know your brand, products, and services, and are more likely to be converted into clients.

Our community management experts build a customized strategy to achieve your conversion objectives.

Manage your advertising campaigns on social media

By leveraging both social media advertising and management, you can establish new, sustainable, and profitable customer acquisition channels for your business.

Social media management with Digitad

Your social networks in expert hands

We provide turnkey solutions for managing your social media. We cover everything from A to Z to ensure your peace of mind.

Entrusting the management of your company’s social media to our team has numerous benefits. Let’s take a look 😉:

What our social media marketing consultants offer

Our missions The objectives for your platforms
Design a social strategy
  • Target your potential customers
  • Choose platforms adapted to your audience type
  • Know when to post on each platform
  • Establish a content creation timeline
Create original content on your platforms
  • Post on social platforms to build community loyalty
  • Increase engagement rate
  • Grow your community
Manage your community
  • Build an engaged social community
  • Encourage interactions and exchangeswith your followers
Attend to your e-reputation
  • Create an identity on social media that fits your brand image
  • Answer your customer comments and reviews
Performance analysis
  • Measure and analyze the results of your social media posts (engagement rate, impressions)
  • Continuously improve your social media strategy based on posts’ results
  • Conduct a competitive audit of your industry
  • Monitor your social media performance in real time

Social media content creation

Just like content creation in an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, content creation is a key part of your social media efforts.

Interest and engagement from Internet users around your social media pages depend above all on the quality of your content.

Our social media management agency specializes in creating and managing original content tailored to each platform

Community management

Your community manager takes care of all your social media content planning and posting across all social channels.

They are also available to answer all of your audience’s questions.

Making your company approachable and responsive greatly benefits your brand image and e-reputation.

Social media contests and giveaways management

Our Montreal-based marketing agency offers to organize contests and giveaways for your company.

Contests and giveaways are promotional events aiming to engage and grow your community.

Depending on your marketing goals, there are several types of contests that you can run.

Providing exclusive advantages to your audience is one of the best ways to build loyalty.

Video content creation

Nothing beats quality content to convey your message and engage your audience.

And rising in popularity, video content has emerged as the best channel for engagement and conversion on social media, notably on sites such as TikTok.

Videos capture your audience’s attention to a greater extent than other forms of content, improving the reach and effectiveness of your posts.

Our social media experts can help you with video production.

Increase your social media reach with Digitad

Our social media consultants in Montreal would be delighted to help you create viral posts. 🚀

Let our team expertly manage your social platforms. Get in touch right now to discuss your social media projects and receive a free evaluation!

Leave your social media management to our experts

To reinforce your company’s presence on social media, let our Montreal Social Media Agency manage your platforms.

By working with our digital marketing agency you will benefit from a partner who:


Comprehensive and appropriate strategy

Will understand your needs and your expectations, in order to represent your company on social media in line with your brand image and your objectives.

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Robust work methodology

Has a proven track record in social media management. We will use the most effective tools to expand your company’s presence on social media platforms that matter to your target audience.

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Continuous monitoring

Works transparently. You can follow our progress with our shared management tool. You remain the final decision-maker in all circumstances.

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Attentive and available

Keeps you updated on your social media performance through detailed monthly analytical reports.

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No commitment required

You can end your collaboration with Digitad at any time. We will immediately return all your intellectual property to you.

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Want to boost your business on the web?

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A few questions our digital marketing specialists are often asked

A social media manager develops a company’s social media strategy. Often on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest.

In addition to representing a brand’s voice, they analyze campaign results and track engagement metrics such as likes, clicks, and shares.

Brands can benefit from a social media manager’s expertise. Companies often have a hard time keeping up with algorithm changes and new social trends.

Thanks to their experience, social media managers can simultaneously see the big picture and track novelty, enabling companies to succeed through a unique perspective.

At Digitad, our social media managers are not only fully certified on all major social media platforms, but they also stay up-to-date with the latest changes and emerging trends through ongoing education and training.

We cover all of these networks and help you choose the most relevant platforms depending on your business profile:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Social media management services include all activities that aim to manage and optimize a company’s social media presence.

It can include content planning and creation, regular posting, and advertising management.

To properly accomplish all of their tasks, a social media manager should have the following qualities:

  • Deep understanding of all social media platforms and their specificities
  • Proactive management of your social media, your market, and your competition
  • The creativity and versatility it takes to create unique content that fits your brand
  • Enough passion to be fully invested in helping you achieve your objectives
  • Full mastery of social media management tools

Any company that wants to connect with its audience on social media should consider it!

No matter your size or your industry, you can benefit from a social media agency’s expertise to create, plan, and implement marketing campaigns on social media.

Proper social media management can help you gain new clients for several reasons:

  1. Increase visibility: social media can reach a wider audience, including people who wouldn’t have been able to find your company otherwise.
  2. Connect with customers: social media helps you start a conversation with clients, answer their questions, and learn from customer comments.
  3. Promote your products/services: your company can promote its products/services directly to its target audience.
  4. Reinforce brand image: an active and well-managed social media presence can reinforce your brand image. Clients are more likely to buy from a brand they know well and trust.

We’ll have to be honest with you: organic reach for brands on social media is now fairly limited. These days, a common strategy is to:

  1. Craft compelling content
  2. Post it organically
  3. See how it performs
  4. Pay to boost high-performing content and expand its reach

A digital advertising budget is therefore necessary. However, our social media specialists can bring you an excellent return on marketing investment.

Yes, you can measure whether or not your social media agency generates positive results, for example through engagement, reach, conversion, or sales metrics. However, some results are harder to measure in the short term. For example, brand awareness and customer loyalty that are generated through proper content strategy and interactions with the community.

Our Montreal social media agency offers customized plans that can include answering private messages as well as comment moderation and interactions with other pages.

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