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Clarins Canada sought Digitad’s expertise for the launch of its new flagship product: Double Serum Eye. Our experts created a 360° digital advertising campaign from A to Z, covering reach, awareness, and conversion goals; all initial objectives have been exceeded.


Women who use cosmetics and skincare products

Campaign objectives

Promote a product launch

Promote the launch of a new product on the Canadian market in fall 2021: The Double Serum Eye

Improve the brand’s overall visibility

Generate impressions within qualified audiences across the marketing funnel, from awareness to online purchases

Attract qualified traffic to the website

Prompt visits from prospective customers with engaging content that stands out



50 million impressions

in Canada

+87 000 visits

on the website

+3 million views

on videos

Our Approach

Our systematic approach is based on data about the target consumers’ habits (favorite media and websites). It allowed us to build a media plan 100% aligned with the campaign’s visibility objectives and generate results that surpassed our benchmarks.


Customer journey mapping

The first step is to analyze the target audience and the brand context to map out the customer journey. We aim to develop a customized multichannel strategy that leverages both internal and external data (including customer data and competitive analysis). Proper data collection should enable accurate predictions throughout the customer journey.

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Platform selection

Our job is to make sure we invest the media budget in the most relevant and high-performing channels. We identified the main points of contact throughout the customer journey and the appropriate platforms to distribute our content in the right place and at the right time.

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Quality content creation

Our goal is to reach our audiences with impactful messaging and high-quality visuals to stand out from the competition. To achieve this, we provided Clarins with a team of advertising content experts.

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Campaign launch

To achieve a powerful and effective cross-platform launch, we leveraged a variety of complementary resources: tracking experts, digital marketing strategists, and representatives for each advertising channel.

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Campaign analysis and optimization

We use Google Data Studio to collect and share real-time performance data across all platforms. It empowers us to quickly respond to opportunities or challenges, and keep ads, budgets, and targets optimized on each channel.

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