StoreFront Case Study

Storefront, a UK-based startup, provides beauty professionals with a user-friendly app to easily manage their businesses. Website, reservation system, payment, and more, all through a single platform. Seeking to acquire new clients, Storefront contracted us to develop a lead acquisition strategy.


B2B - Beauty professionals


Acquire new leads

Persuade the target audience to schedule an appointment for a free product demonstration

Generate visibility and awareness

Build awareness around Storefront and its benefits for beauty professionals in the United Kingdom.

Gather information

Construct a beauty professionals database to carry out multichannel marketing actions



133 Leads

+71% growth

+334 000

Impressions on their Facebook page


E-book download

Our Approach

To establish Storefront’s acquisition strategy, we analyzed the market and conducted a series of tests to act on data-driven decisions.


Market research

First, we perform a thorough competitive analysis to identify the creative concepts used, with the goal of understanding how to stand out and how to offer value to our prospects.

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Reach the target

In the second part, we identify all possible ways to reach our client’s target audience. We gather all relevant data sources and run tests to identify the best audiences.

5 visuel-engagement-client-digitad

Create a “stop scroller”

In the third part, we create content that brings value to our prospects by solving some of their main pain points. For example, through ebooks, checklists, free demos, etc.

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Continuous testing

In the fourth part, we conduct A/B tests to determine the most effective combinations of audience, copy, and creative concepts.

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Continuous iteration

Finally, we perform an analysis to identify the elements that worked best, improve them, and combine them. This process increases the number of leads generated and the conversion rate.

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